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Amore Terrae

Mandala Gift Set

Mandala Gift Set

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Wax Melt Scent

Are you searching for the perfect gift to ignite joy and relaxation?

Picture yourself enveloped in the soothing glow of our Mandala burner, gently melting away stress and tension with your choice of our exquisite wax melts. As you savor the rich, decadent flavor of our chocolate hearts and strike a match from our charming matches in a bottle, feel a sense of warmth and connection wash over you. With each product meticulously curated for ultimate relaxation and indulgence, our Mandala Gift Set is more than just a present—it's an invitation to experience pure delight and tranquility.

  • Feel pampered and rejuvenated with luxurious aromatherapy.
  • Experience a moment of pure bliss and relaxation.
  • Indulge in delicious treats that delight the senses.
  • Connect with loved ones through thoughtful gifting.
  • Create lasting memories of joy and serenity.

Gift set includes:

  • Mandala Burner
  • Wax Melts of your choice
  • Chocolate Hearts
  • Matches in a Bottle
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Customer Reviews

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Reshma P.
Lovely gift set

A beautiful set, perfect for gifting