About Us

At Amore Terrae, we believe that we as humans have been sent as guardians on this Earth. We believe it is up to us to help look after our planet. 

We are committed to selling high quality products which are kind to the environment and minimise the negative impact to the planet. Using eco-friendly materials where possible is a key factor in our sustainable solution. We provide products for those that are wanting to make eco-conscious choices in their lives. And we happen to make candles!
Amore Terrae is a Latin phrase which means "for the love of the Earth". Our products are handmade in Lancashire, England with sustainability at the forefront.
After acquiring our own allotment back in 2018, we were introduced to the idea of green, sustainable living. Since then we have been trying to do our best to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help to save the planet by adopting a zero waste, reduce-reuse-recycle culture.

The idea of Amore Terrae came about during our learning journey of creating and making our own handmade products, and through the encouragement of friends and family, we decided to set up our own little online shop where you can purchase these! Soaps, bath bombs and other skincare products are in the testing stages and will be coming very soon!

Let’s all try and reduce our plastic intake and create a better world for future generations! Let's make the world a greener place by planting trees with us! One purchase means we plant one tree on your behalf!

We recently won the Highly Commended Small Sustainable Business Award at the 6th annual SHE Awards 2023 in London!

We are currently stocked in a few shops in Lancashire. You can also catch us at farmers' markets and makers' markets in Preston and surrounding areas!

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