Sustainable Ramadan Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Energy and Water

Sustainable Ramadan Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Energy and Water


Salams, dear readers! This week’s blog is all about easy ways to save energy and water – because who says being eco-friendly can’t be fun? Join us as we explore simple tips, and sprinkle a bit of positivity on our journey to a more sustainable lifestyle this Ramadan.

Save Energy:
During Ramadan, we are often awake until late into the night to pray Qur’an and Taraweeh prayers, and up early again for Tahajjud and Suhoor. Imagine all the extra lighting we’re using during these hours! Turn off light switches in rooms you are not using. This not only saves energy but also reduces your electricity bills.

Another thing you can do to save energy is to switch off your appliances and electricals from the mains. There are some that like to tune into Makkah Live on the TV and is on throughout the day. All this adds up and contributes to our carbon footprint.

Conserving energy helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Homes and offices play a big role in releasing a considerable amount of greenhouse gases each year. Saving energy is not only environmentally friendly but also crucial for preserving natural resources, as it reduces the demand on finite energy sources and minimises the ecological impact of resource extraction and production.

Ramadan encourages us to focus more on spirituality and less on a materialistic lifestyle, so try switching off or unplugging from your devices, TV and games consoles. Think about having a phone/device free day. Not only will you be saving energy but also feel the benefit mentally and financially too.

Earth Hour:

Earth Hour is a global environmental initiative where people worldwide turn off non-essential lights for one hour. Started by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007, it has become a massive movement, encouraging millions to reflect on climate change and embrace sustainability. This symbolic act of dimming lights for 60 minutes is a friendly reminder of our collective responsibility for a more sustainable future. Try participating in Earth Hour which takes place on Saturday 23rd March at 8.30pm to 9.30pm this year as a start in your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. This Ramadan, take this opportunity to have a candlelit Iftaar or to pray your Taraweeh prayers in candle light.

Take a Walk:
In the UK, 18% of carbon emissions come from cars! When you're fasting, it's easier to just pop down to the shops in your car rather than walking. But by walking there, or even cycling, not only will you be getting in your daily exercise but also protecting the environment. When you are in the car, think about switching off your engine when stationary. A running engine emits toxic fumes in the air and wastes fuel. 

Have you ever considered having a car-free day? Choose a day where you know you don't have to go to work or run errands that require the car. Take that dusty bike out from the shed or just a good old fashioned walk, whichever floats your boat.

Taking a walk in nature and reflecting on Allah's creations makes you more empathetic to the natural world and brings you closer to Your Lord. So why not go for a walk and gain rewards whilst you're at it! And remember rewards are multiplied in Ramadan!

Conserve Water:
Water is such a precious gift from Allah. What would we do without water! It's the source of all life and so we should be mindful in not wasting water. It is a key Sunnah emphasised in many Ahaadith of our Prophet SAW: "Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream." (Ibn Majah 425).

Ramadan is usually a time where Muslims increase in their prayers, we need to make sure we are not wasting water when doing wudhu or ghusl. Prophet SAW used a mudd (equates to approx 0.75L) for wudhu and a saa' (equates to approx 3L) for ghusl. Now this might seem hard for us but if we just close the tap between washing limbs, how much water have we saved already? Don't leave the tap running when doing other tasks too such as brushing your teeth.

Have a bucket bath instead of shower/bath. Fill up a bucket and use that much only for when you need to do ghusl. Or if you prefer having a shower then consider turning the water off when shampooing hair etc.

Sometimes we might take out too much water in our cups to drink at iftaar. Instead of throwing that water into the sink, use it to water plants around the house or garden. Collecting rainwater to water plants is another good way to conserve water and make use of the natural resources around us. Simply leave an empty bucket outside in the yard or garden to collect rainwater. Houseplants actually benefit more from rainwater than they do from tap water, so bonus points there!

Consider using your washing machine and dishwasher only for full loads and using the eco-setting which not only saves water but energy too! Save your money as well as the environment!

A staggering 2 billion people are living in water-stressed countries. Many of them don't have access to safe, clean water. So let's be mindful of our water usage this Ramadan too.

To sum it up, guys, let’s keep the energy-saving vibes going! Whether it’s flipping the switch for Earth Hour or being mindful of our water use, every little bit counts. By making these simple changes, we’re not just saving resources – we’re creating a planet-friendly ripple effect. So, here’s to brighter ideas, lighter energy bills, and a healthier Earth for all of us. Let’s keep up the good work and keep the positive energy flowing!

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