Sustainable Ramadan Part 3: Joining Forces for a Planet-Friendly March

Sustainable Ramadan Part 3: Joining Forces for a Planet-Friendly March


As we embark on the journey towards a cleaner, greener planet, it is imperative to remember the values ingrained in Islam that emphasise the importance of environmental stewardship. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to care for the Earth, reminding us that “The Earth is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you His stewards over it, in order to see how you act.” (Sahih Muslim).

Let’s dive into the awesome world of green initiatives that are coming up this month. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on 3 fantastic initiatives and events and how as Muslims we can take it that step further and incorporate it into our lives this Ramadan and beyond, insha Allah.

1. The Great British Spring Clean:
You guessed it! It’s all about keeping Britain clean. Picture this: neighbours, friends, and families teaming up to tidy up their neighbourhoods. That’s The Great British Spring Clean for you!


Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, this initiative runs from 15th March to 31st March and turns cleaning into a community affair. It’s all about showing some love to our streets, parks, and beaches, and reminding us that our little actions add up to a cleaner, happier planet.

Tidiness is not just about appearances; it reflects our respect for the environment and our communities. Let’s commit to picking up litter, properly disposing of waste, and participating in community clean-up efforts. By keeping our streets, parks, and waterways clean, we honor the trust bestowed upon us as stewards of the Earth. Furthermore, cleanliness is half of faith.

How about elevating our efforts by coordinating a spring cleanup at the local masjid in preparation for Taraweeh prayers? After the night prayers, let’s collectively tidy up, either by cleaning up any litter or encouraging everyone to responsibly dispose of their own waste. Consider using reusable water bottles during Taraweeh to minimise single-use plastic usage.

2. Global Recycling Day:
March 18th is the day we celebrate the unsung hero of waste reduction – Global Recycling Day! From paper to plastic, this day is all about giving a high-five to recycling efforts worldwide. It’s like a global party where we recognise the cool impact of recycling on saving resources and cutting down on waste.

Recycling is a fundamental aspect of environmental conservation. Islam teaches us the concept of “waste not, want not,” urging us to be mindful of our consumption and waste generation. Embrace recycling by sorting your waste, reducing single-use plastics, and supporting local initiatives that promote sustainability. Together, we can reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the Earth for future generations.

Remember that spring clean you did of the masjid? Ensure to recycle any plastic water bottles gathered after Taraweeh prayers by placing them in the designated recycling bin. 

So, join in, recycle that can, and let’s keep the recycling vibes rolling!

3. International Day of Forests: 
Forests are the lungs of our planet, vital for regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, and providing resources for countless species. Islam places great emphasis on the protection of nature, recognising forests as spaces deserving of our care and protection. The Arabic word for tree is shajarah and is mentioned 27 times in the Quran, which demonstrates what a valuable gift it is for us!

March 21st marks the International Day of Forests – a day to give our leafy friends a big hug! United Nations says it’s time to appreciate the forests for being the superhero habitats they are. This day shouts out to biodiversity, ecosystems, and all the wonderful things that make our forests special. Plus, it’s a call to action for us to be forest guardians and keep these green wonders thriving.

(Pssst did you know that over at our online shop, we plant a tree with every order? It’s our way of giving back to the planet. 😉)

Alright, green dream team, let’s keep the good vibes going! Whether it’s picking up litter, recycling like champs, or marveling at the beauty of forests, every little bit counts. So, grab your eco-friendly gear, join the party, and let’s make our planet the coolest hangout spot in the universe! 

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